Monday, March 13, 2017

Studies from the Pros


So, I started taking an online class a few weeks ago at the online school CGMA. I'm taking a digital painting class. I've only ever taken one class like that, so I felt like taking another will help me improve even more. So far, it's definitely helping.

Here's some of my assignments so far. They're pretty straight forward but I'll explain each one. I'll probably go back to some of these and make the changes my professor suggests.

Week 1 - Film Composition Studies
I had to find 3 film stills and create value studies. The range of gray tones I can use had to be limited. The film stills, in order: Ratatouille, Life of Pi, and Maleficent.

Week 2 - Textures
3 different textures had to be found and mimicked digitally. In order: Tree trunk, fluorite crystal, and an old bell. 

Week 3 - Master Copy
A painting created by a master artist had to be replicated digitally as close to the original as possible. I chose the artist Mead Schaeffer. I love how you can see his brush strokes and wanted to learn how to paint the same way digitally. Can you guess which one's mine and which one's the original painting?

That's what I have so far. The next project is going to take a few weeks. I'll post the assignment once it's complete. What do you guys think so far?


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