Thursday, December 22, 2016

Muñecas Limé

Hello All!

The prop designs in my portfolio need more love! I decided to go back to the designs and render them digitally. I didn't stop there though. It isn't enough to just design a prop---I wanted to include their inspiration, especially since they're personal to me.

A few of my designs are inspired by Dominican dolls called Muñecas Limé. They were named after an artist named Liliana Mera Limé, who designed clay dolls without a face. They were made that way because the Dominican culture is such a vast melting pot of different cultures, so to pick one face is almost like picking one culture.

They were designed in the 1980s, and gained so much popularity over the years that they're one of the most collected soulveniers of the country.

Being Dominican myself, these dolls are all over my home. They're little pieces that remind me of where I come from. Below is a work in progress of the prop dolls for my upcoming webcomic Somni:

And here is the final version. It includes reference images and a short description of the dolls' inspiration:


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